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Dell Laptops Available - Inspiron 3700's and 3800's
Last update June 16, 2000

        Look for our completly "NEW" Web Store June 1st. All new Item's and pricing. A fully functional ordering system and better descriptions. We will also be adding an "OEM" section for our wholesale customers. With the opening of our new store and warehouse facility, we can now offer a wider variety of products and more competative pricing. We look forward to dealing with all of you. We also want to thank all of our regular patron's for helping us grow into a large and profitable computer services company.

        Welcome! You've found our one stop computer shopping mall. We invite you to explore our site. Please feel free to E-Mail us your comments. As you can see we are still growing, so please be a little patient. A few of our area's are still under construction. Store area's pricing can change with the market. We are constantly trying to keep pricing updated.

        We offer a "Personal Posting" section. This area is for users to post their own items. These are not restricted to just computers, so take a look through them. Please visit our friends on the links page.

        If you do not see what you need or want do not hesitate to contact us, as we have a very good stock and not all items are listed. We would also appreciate any feedback as to the style and ease of use of this site. Thank you for stopping by. We hope that you enjoyed your stay with us and look forward to seeing you again.

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